Anna Foster

Tutor Coordinator

I am excited to join the Center for Academic and Career Success as the Tutor Coordinator for Tutoring Services. Before I began my current role at CUA, I was a secondary English educator. I have an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction Design from George Mason University and five years of classroom teaching experience. While working as an English teacher, I discovered my true calling when I founded and directed a student-run writing center. As a founding writing center director, I recruited and trained peer tutors to support students throughout the writing process. When I witnessed firsthand the confidence boost both tutors and tutees experienced as a result of engaging in the writing process with their peers, I realized my passion for peer tutoring programs. As the Tutor Coordinator for Tutoring Services, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to focus full time on what I love most about being an educator: facilitating peer tutoring programs to promote the academic, social-emotional, and career success of students. When I’m not supporting tutors and tutees, you will most likely find me exploring a local park, making a mess in the kitchen, or curled up, preferably in a hammock, with a good book.