Student Campus Employment, Off-Campus Internship and Part-Time Job Opportunities

Do you have a federal work-study award and need a position? Are you seeking non-work-study part-time work on campus...or in the community?

On Campus

All campus positions (work-study - undergrad and grad) and non-work-study are posted on Handshake.  Handshake contains complete information about all campus work-study/non-work-study jobs, internships, and jobs. Students are welcome to review the job descriptions and contact the supervisor directly. You are encouraged to check often, as new openings are posted regularly.

Applying for an On-Campus Job in Handshake

  1. Log into Handshake  (
  2. Click Jobs on top of the screen
  3. Use Filter, Job Type: On-Campus Student Employment
  4. Select the job of interest by clicking on the Job Title or View Details
  5. Click the green Apply button or use the URL provided.
  6. Select the PDF document you want to use:
    • Existing Handshake document – select document from box
    • Uploading new document – click Choose File, select Document Type, and click Upload
  7. Click the green Apply button to submit application

In addition, there may be positions in campus offices that are not posted on Handshake.  Campus jobs for students without a work-study award are found in  Handshake as Non-Work-Study Openings.

Micro Jobs

This graduate student worker program is open to international students and US citizens and is geared toward completing short-term projects for a department or office. Participating students will earn $1,000, and the project will take approximately 60 hours of work. All graduate students in this program must undergo a training session to help orient them to CatholicU, create a resume, and connect them with an open micro-job opportunity.

If your search is unsuccessful or if you would simply like to discuss your full range of options with a staff member, contact the Center for Academic and Career Success (202-319-6262); 120 Garvey Hall for additional assistance.


Local Part-time Opportunities