Alumni can play a role in The Catholic University students' career and professional development which will enhance their experiences at the university and beyond! The career experiences, insights, and know-how which you bring is a valuable tool in a student’s career development and success.  There are numerous ways that you can contribute from virtual to on-campus.

Let us know of your interest at, call 202.319.5521 or see how you can connect with students here

SHARE your expertise

Resume Reviews
Resumes are sometimes the first impression a student makes to a perspective employer. Let’s help students create a stellar resume! 

LinkedIn Profile Reviews
Are you a LinkedIn guru? Know how to make a profile sparkle to employers? Come and share your insights with students!

Mock Interview Days 
Help students fine-tune their interview behaviors and interactions while providing advice on presenting their ‘best-self’ in a variety of interview types and styles. Provide valuable constructive feedback in a near-life experience ranging from phone to in-person mock interviews. 

Career Panel
You are where students see themselves so come and share challenges, encouragement, and successes to help them attain their career goals.

ENGAGE with students

On-Campus Events
It is always nice to see a successful Catholic U face (or major) on campus. And, students like to hear about your career development and employer choices including why you choose your current employer. Ask your HR team to join them the next time they come to campus for an information session, career fair, or other recruiting event!

Off-Campus Events
Invite students to your office. You can show-off your corner office, your company mug, or other exciting signs of your success while revealing what your company is like. Help them visualize that your current employer is the place to be!

ADVOCATE on Catholic University's behalf

Encourage your employer to recruit at The Catholic University of America
Let your employer know that there are more like you at Catholic U! Encourage them to connect with the university’s Center for Academic and Career Success ( | 202.319.5521).

Post Jobs or Internships
Are you aware of opportunities at your company? Get permission to share them with your alma mater and then let us know at

Are you interested in connecting with specialized student populations (i.e. veterans, disabilities, ethnicity, etc) or do you have a unique program in mind? Contact the Center for Academic and Career Success at or call 202.319.5521.