Architecture majors typically take the following courses in the fall semester of their first year:

First-Year Experience Learning Community Courses

We will register you in these courses.

  1. Philosophy (PHIL 201)
  2. English Composition (ENG 101) OR Theology (TRS 201)

Why am I taking these classes?   Honors students take equivalent honors courses.

Major and Elective Courses

You will need to choose and register for these courses.

  1. Introduction to Architecture: (ARPL 101) 
  2. Literature Elective 
  3. Math 108 or 111 (based on calculus placement exam)

1 st Semester Courses

To begin your study of architecture this fall, you should register for “Introduction to Architecture” (ARPL 101). Besides an introduction to the world of design and architecture, this class will help you raise your powers of observation and awareness of the quality of the designed environment.

By the time you reach the structures courses, you will need to have taken a first-level calculus course (unless you did well on an AP calculus exam, in which case you have two extra electives). To find out if you are ready for calculus, take the calculus placement exam to determine if you should register for “Calculus for Social or Life Sciences I ” (MATH 111) or “Elementary Functions” (MATH 108). If you place into MATH 108, you will need to take MATH 111 in a later semester.

Know which courses you want? Get registered.