Biology majors typically take the following courses in the fall semester of their first year:

First-Year Experience Learning Community Courses

We will register you in these courses.

  1. Philosophy (PHIL 201)
  2. English Composition (ENG 101) OR Theology (TRS 201)

Why am I taking these classes?   Honors students take equivalent honors courses.

Major and Elective Courses

You will need to choose and register for these courses.

  1. Mechanisms of Life I and lab (BIOL 105 & 115)
  2. General Chemistry lecture & lab (CHEM 103 & 113)
  3. General Psychology (PSY 201), Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101), Statistics (MATH 114) OR a course of your own choosing. Students who are comfortable with math and place into MATH 111 should consider beginning the two-semester calculus sequence.

1 st Semester Courses

You should take BIOL 105, which is a lecture and laboratory course addressed to general principles in modern biology. Topics emphasize molecular and cell biology, evolution, and basic biological and chemical principles and provide the knowledge base necessary for all subsequent courses in biology.

All first year Biology majors should also take CHEM 103 and 113 and either an elective course, Psychology 201, Sociology 101, or the first calculus course (MATH 111). Many students who have an interest in human biology also find psychology fascinating. If you are contemplating another major then you should consider taking the first course in that major.

Biology majors cannot typically fit a first-semester foreign language course in their freshmen schedules, but must satisfy the foreign language requirement before graduation. If you have previously studied a language and can place into an upper-level language course you may be able to find a class that will fit your schedule.

Know which courses you want? Get registered.