Exploratory students typically take the following courses in the fall semester of their first year:

First-Year Experience Learning Community Courses

We will register you in these courses.

  1. Philosophy (PHIL 201)
  2. English Composition (ENG 101) OR Theology (TRS 201)

Why am I taking these classes?   Honors students take equivalent honors courses.

Major and Elective Courses

You will need to choose and register for these courses.

  1. A foreign language
  2. A course of your choosing
  3. A course of your choosing

1 st Semester Courses

In addition to your fall Learning Community courses, we strongly recommend that you begin or continue your study of a foreign language.

You’ll also choose two other courses for your fall semester. This is your chance to explore. What have you always wanted to learn more about? Would you like to continue with a subject that you liked in high school? Or maybe you want to set out in a completely new direction? These two courses may ultimately lead you to a major, but if not, they will have been enriching experiences that will likely still fit in your academic program as liberal arts elective requirements. For more individualized advice, get in touch with your advisor to talk about your class options.

Know which courses you want? Get registered.