International Business majors typically take the following courses in the fall semester of their first year. This is a total of five 3 credit-hour courses and one 0 credit-hour course.

First-Year Experience Learning Community Courses

We will register you in these courses.

  1. PHIL 201: The Classical Mind: The Origin and Growth of Western Philosophy
  2. ENG 101 or TRS 201: Writing and Rhetoric or Foundations of Theology I: Scripture and Jesus Christ 

Why am I taking these classes?   Honors students take equivalent honors courses.

Major and Elective Courses

You will need to choose specific sections and register for these courses.

  1. MGT 118: Tools and Foundations for the Vocation of Business
  2. SRES 101 or 102: Foundations of Economic Thought I or II
  3. LANG XXX: After completing the Language Placement Test, you will register for the appropriate level course. 
  4. MGT 199 (0 credit-hours): Introduction to the Busch School 

Placement Tests:

Students should complete both the Language Placement Test and the Math Placement Test.  

1 st Semester Courses

All business students embark on their studies by laying a strong foundation in the liberal arts. The First-Year Experience courses open up students to critically evaluating life’s big questions. At the same time, student begin learning the foundations of practical knowledge in business.

MGT 118, Tools and Foundations for the Vocation of Business, guides students through evaluating why they want to pursue business and provides a practical test-run by having students set up a mock business.

SRES 101 or 102, Foundations of Economic Thought I or II, gives students the foundational economic knowledge to think like an economist and understand the market economy. Taught from the perspective of social research, it integrates practical and theoretical thinking.

LANG XXX, a language course determined by your Language Placement Test, expands students’ cultural horizons and and prepares students for navigating a global economy. Unless you place out of a language, you should begin or continue your study of a foreign language. If you have some experience with a language, submit AP scores or take the Language Placement Test to determine which level you should register for.

MGT 199, Introduction to the Busch School, meets during the Fall semester to provide students with knowledge of Busch School resources to be successful as a student. The course is the start of the SuperCurriculum series that provides Business students with additional knowledge and tools necessary to succeed as a business major.

Know which courses you want? Get registered.