Theology and Religious Studies majors typically take the following courses in the fall semester of their first year:

First-Year Experience Learning Community Courses

We will register you in these courses.

  1. Philosophy (PHIL 201)
  2. English Composition (ENG 101) OR Theology (TRS 201)

Why am I taking these classes?   Honors students take equivalent honors courses.

Major and Elective Courses

You will need to choose and register for these courses.

  1. A foreign language
  2. A course of your own choosing
  3. A course of your own choosing

The School of Theology and Religious Studies offers majors the opportunity to pursue a rigorous intellectual program of study, one that is well–integrated with the University’s liberal arts education requirements, and one that is taught by one of the best faculties of theology in the world. Majors pursue a comprehensive program (including Catholic theology, Scripture, liturgy, morality, Church history, religious studies, and world religions) that also offers opportunities to specialize, including a Certificate Program in Pastoral Ministry. The majors have a strong sense of community. Many of our students understand their studies as intimately tied to their own faith lives, and so their studies are easily connected to other activities on campus and to plans for work or service after graduation.

1 st Semester Courses

TRS 201 “Foundations of Theology I: Scripture & Jesus Christ" is the gateway course to all Theology & Religious Studies courses at Catholic University, and is also part of the University’s First Year Experience. It is an intellectual, historically-contextualized, and primary text-based inquiry into the ultimate questions for humanity, addressing the central teachings of the Catholic faith. Students learn in this course how to read, think, and communicate rigorously and theologically. Their engagement with the foundational themes in theology prepares them for their future Theology & Religious Studies courses.

Students generally take five courses each term their first year. First Year Experience Courses are chosen for you and introduce you to the modes of thinking, reading and writing about the many of the same questions at the heart of a degree in theology. When choosing your other courses, it is a good idea to be attentive to the University language requirement in the first year, especially if you are continuing a language studied in secondary school. If you wish to begin language study anew, it helps to keep in mind how the choice of language might augment your broader Catholic University education. For instance, if I hope to study abroad (e.g., Rome) I should study language accordingly (e.g., Italian). If I hope to work in ministry what language study would best help me (e.g., Spanish)? If I am considering future graduate study in theology & religious studies what language might be helpful (Latin, Greek, French, German)?

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