What do students have to say?


Meet Katie...

Katherine (Katie) Koldberg, a politics major minoring in economics met her future employer, John Moriarty and Associates during the Fall career fair. Some of the great ways Katie prepped for the fair were by: visiting Handshake, researching the companies, and reaching out to CACS for a mock interview which helped strengthen her skills.

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    Daniel Formella

    Daniel is a History Major in the Honors Program who will be a Sophomore this fall. He made a lasting connection with Elva Roy, his match on Big & Mini. A program that matches young people with seniors to make friendships and ease the feeling of isolation. Daniel who is from Texas, is one of the first people using this amazing platform to create a valuable relationship, that is needed during this time. He also participates in writing for the Big & Mini blog, has participated in DC Reads, and is thinking of being a tutor for Tutoring Services. Daniel is currently thinking of ways to help expand Big & Mini, such as using his Spanish to help those that may not be able to communicate in English. To learn more about Daniel and see a Today Show video where Big & Mini and he and Nicole Cremente(senior, marketing major) are featured click here.
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    Alex Cipolloni

    Alexandria Cipolloni- Class of 2020- School of Arts and Sciences a Psychological and Brain Sciences major will be participating in the Disney College Program. Growing up Disney has always been a part of her life; this opportunity is truly a "dream come true". Alex hopes to get a full-time position at The Walt Disney Company after the program is over. Alex spent time researching on application tips, and had a numerous number of people edit her application before submitting. Some important people that helped were her parents, friends, alumni of the program, and Elizabeth Ratke, her advisor at CACS. Elizabeth was able to give many useful tips for her phone interview, such as smile, laugh, and be genuine. She also pointed out it was important to remember the interviewer's name to thank her. Elizabeth was "an incredible asset to my application".  

One of Alex's favorite classic Walt Disney quotes is, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

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    Jonathan Harrison

    Jonathan Harrison is a BioChem and Theology major and he will be a Senior this Fall. When being told that his planned Internship was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic he started looking for solutions. With his advisor Tory's suggestion of reaching out and being creative; he emailed different Bio Pharmaceutical companies to find some options. Within two hours of sending his email he was offered a position as a lab technician at Real Diagnostics. Where he will be working with COVID-19 samples to determine if the sample is positive or negative. Johnathan has plans to pursue his MD and PhD. 
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    Kelly Woodson

    Kelly is an incoming Junior pursuing a Psychology and brain sciences, with a minor in politics and pre-law. Kelly has experienced interning at a variety of places while at Catholic University. First as a freshman in the House of Representatives, during that summer in Miami Dade human trafficking department for the State attorney’s office. Kelly’s interests include corporate and health care law and pursuing a law degree in the future. With a passion for helping people Kelly wants to be able to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Kelly was able to utilize CACS workshops and spoke to Sean Combs and Kyle Patton who helped her at Catholic University specifically in resume writing. Kelly attended the careers fairs and built relationships that will help with both future jobs and internships. Kelly’s advisor helped her discover and understand where she best fit and what made her happy. Kelly offers freshman advice on attending as many CACS events and workshops as possible. This will help a student discover and develop their passion. As well as being co-chair of the D.C. College Democrats’ black caucus; Kelly will be working with an attorney who she will be helping with in malpractice cases.

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    Angelina Brice

    Angelina Brice- Class of 2020 Theology and Religious Studies Major. Angelina used many of the services at CACS including meeting with Kathryn Marshall and Clare Whitton who helped in the job search process.  During the Fall Career Fair Angelina was able to connect with Ryane Cheatham and express her desire of working at the The United States Department of Defense. After speaking to Ryane, Angelina was able to connect with a recruiter that was coming to campus and got internship that has developed into a full time position.
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    Jackie Markisz

    Jackie Markisz a Marketing Major with a Finance Minor is currently interning at RBC Wealth Management. Jackie took advantage of many services at CACS, including the “Hire a Cardinal” program, mock interviews and attended the Virtual Workshop. Jackie’s advisor Brigid O'Dowd also played a big role in providing tips and information preparing Jackie for HireVues.  Jackie has built her resume by creating a strong history of interning experiences during her time at Catholic University. She looks forward to seeing what the future will bring, this includes pursuing her MBA as well as getting more work experience, including preparing her resume for our upcoming virtual career fair.