Hosted by experienced peer tutors, subject labs make free drop-in tutoring support available to undergraduate students enrolled in historically challenging courses. Come ready to ask questions of our experienced and carefully selected tutors. Stay as little or as long as you'd like; no appointment necessary!

For Spring 2021, all Tutoring Services, including Subject Labs, are entirely virtual. From Monday, February 1-Friday, May 1, all subject labs will meet once weekly via zoom. View the subject lab schedules below to see the courses for which subject labs are scheduled for Spring 2021.

To join a Subject Lab, click the Zoom links embedded in the schedules below on the indicated day and time. Only authenticated CUA users may join virtual subject labs, so please make sure you sign in to your CUA account before joining a lab. 


Modern Language Labs

Nursing & Nursing-Bio Labs

Course Tutor Name Day, Time


Julia D. TBA
BIOL-232 Molly H. TBA
NURS-257, 258, 309, 310 Sophia F. TBA

Bio & Chem Labs

Course Tutor Name Day, Time
BIOL-105 Alex S. TBA
CHEM-103 Thomas S. and Alessandra S. TBA

Grace N.


CHEM-203 Thomas S. and Alessandra S. TBA

Philosophy, Theology, & Psychology Labs

Course Tutor Name Day, Time
PHIL 201, 202; TRS 201 Abigail T. Thursdays, 5:00-7:00 pm
PSY 201, 304, 371, 379 Sophia F. TBA

Engineering & Physics Labs

Course Tutor Name Day, Time
ENGR 201, 301 Simone F. TBA
ENGR-212 Daniel T. TBA
PHYS 215 Taylor F. TBA

Business Accounting Lab

Course Tutor Name Day, Time

ACCT-205, 206

Isadora C. TBA