The Center for Academic and Career Success hosts a variety of resources, but the following ones are key to almost any admission or application situation. Learn more about how to identify opportunities, create application materials, make connections, and land an offer.

  • Resumes and CV

    Convince employers to interview you for an internship, full- or part-time position, work-study, or summer job.

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  • Networking

    Networking is developing relationships with working professionals in order to achieve career goals. An on-going process which continues as your circle of contacts grows.

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  • Interviewing

    The process of interviewing begins with appropriate preparation. We provide interview coaching by appointment which includes appointments for MOCK interviews.

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  • Writing to Employers

    How to write a document to convince employers to interview you for an internship, full-time, part-time position, or work study or summer job.

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  • Jobs and Internships

    The Center for Academic and Career Success works with all students and CUA alumni in achieving their career objectives by assisting in the job and internship search process.

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  • Graduate School

    The Center for Academic and Career Success can help you identify and apply to a variety of graduate and professional programs.

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  • Handshake

    A hub of opportunities where you can find an internship, full-time, part-time position, or work study or summer job.

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  • Assessments

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  • Cardinal Connect

    The Catholic University of America's new networking system that alows students, faculty, staff, alumni, to build and foster networking and mentoring relationships that are meaningful and specific to their unique interests and professional goals. 

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  • Interstride

    Interstride is a technology platform that assists international students with finding job opportunities, immigration hurdles, community integration, and overall university engagement.

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  • Focus 2

    Focus 2 is a career, major and education planning system open to all CatholicU students.

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As you search for job or internship opportunities that support your career development, it is important to do your research on each company prior to applying. Below are a few tips to consider before applying for any career opportunity to ensure it is not a Scam or a Phishing email. 

How to Spot a Scam:
  1. The website of the company does not have privacy clauses or terms; the website's information is vague, it's platform appears out of date, and/or the website has grammatical errors.
  2. The company contacts you through text messages 
  3. The company  sends emails with grammatical errors
  4. The company asks for personal information or banking information
  5. The company wants you to pay money or donate to join the organization 
Should you have any questions or concerns about a job you are interested in, please  do not hesitate to reach out  to the Center for Academic and Career Success prior to applying or responding to an email that may seem suspicious. 

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