Student Employment positions are temporary, part-time positions for active students of the University. This includes all Federal Work Study (FWS) positions and non-FWS positions.

The Center for Academic & Career Success (CACS) provides students with the necessary resources to locate a position and supports students throughout the hiring process but CACS does not assign students to specific jobs or facilitate job placement.

Resources & Tips

Look through the Resume Guide & Cover Letter Guide on the CACS website to learn how to best craft your application materials.

Apply early and make sure to check Handshake regularly as new positions are posted throughout the academic year.

Bring your original documents with you to campus to complete your I-9 form. Federal regulations state that we must have original (not copies, pictures, or scans) documents in-person to complete section two of the I-9 form with the employee. The biggest delay we see in student hiring is students waiting for their documents to be mailed from home. 

Limitations to Student Employment

Types of Positions: Individual must be an active student at the Catholic University of America and may not hold a student employment position while they are hired into a full or part-time staff position, or non-student temporary staff position; this excludes GA & TA positions. 

Hours: Students are allowed to work a maximum number of 19 hours per week, according to a policy set by the Office of Human Resources. If a student holds more than one position on campus, the 19-hour limit is cumulative across positions.  

Minors: Students under 18 will need a DC Work Permit before beginning work.

Off-Campus Employment

Local Part-time Opportunities

Part-time employment can be a great way to extra cash while developing your resume and learning about professional workplace behaviors.  Check the links on this page to find off-campus opportunities.  Opportunities are posted typically for 30 days.  If you are seeking full-time, internship, volunteer, or work-study positions, please use Handshake.   

As a job seeker, it is important to use common sense and caution as you apply for positions in Handshake, this job board, and other job listing websites. It is the student's responsibility for all necessary precautions when applying to, interviewing for, or accepting positions and he/she is solely responsible for obtaining necessary information concerning the employer.