What should I chose as a major?

What can I do with it once I make a choice?

These are typical questions that our Academic and Career Advisors assist students with every day, and below are some resources we use to help find the answers.  The more you know, about yourself, the possibilities out there, and what it takes to obtain your goals, the better decisions you will make!

  • Assessments

    The MBTI is a personality questionnaire. Based on one's answers, an individual is placed into one of 16 categories.

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  • Undergraduate Programs

    You are about to make a major decision. We can help. No matter what major you choose, you can be sure your education at Catholic University will be grounded in a liberal arts core that draws upon the wisdom of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

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  • O*NET

    Build your future with O*NET OnLine, a tool for career exploration and job analysis.

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