The Center for Academic and Career Success considers faculty members to be key partners in preparing Catholic U students for the workplace. We work closely with faculty in various capacities, and are open to new faculty relationships and ways to connect.

Consider partnering with our office to develop programming, advocate the importance of student career development and professional development, host us and/or employers in your class, promote career services' events and explore additional ways to best prepare our students for career success!

We look forward to partnering with you!

  • Hire a Cardinal

    Check out our resume collection program for all students still seeking jobs and internships. 

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  • Request Presentation

    If you are considering to cancel class or want to incorporate career development discussions in your class, the Center for Academic and Career Success is available to educate students about career-related topics.

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  • Handshake

    We are excited to announce that CatholicU faculty and staff now have access to Handshake.  

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  • Internships for Credit

    Internships provide a valuable opportunity for students to put their education into action. As a faculty member, you are in an exciting opportunity to help a student make the most of their internship.

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  • Share Student Success

    Through various sources including the Senior Survey and employers, the Center for Academic and Career Success compiles information about student career success related to internships and post-graduation.

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  • Campus Supervisors

    Resources and training information for Campus Supervisors.

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