1. Determine Desired Courses
    Before you start your registration process, you'll need to know what classes you want to take. Start by checking the course advice page for your major or what you think your major may be. Talk with your undergraduate advisor (Academic and Career Advisor, ACA) about your courses. Once you know what you would like to take, you are ready to start using Cardinal Station to enroll in your classes.

  2. Search for Classes and Add To Your Shopping Cart in Cardinal Station
    Once you have logged into Cardinal Students go to "Manage Classes"
    Click “Class search and enroll” on the left side menu
    Search for and select the class you want to add, then select the section you want to add
    Click NEXT in the top right hand corner
    Select "Add to Shopping Cart" and click NEXT in the top right hand corner
    Review and then click "submit"
    Repeat above steps for each class you want to add to your shopping cart
    Once you’ve added classes to your shopping cart, you can view classes in your shopping cart by clicking "Shopping cart" in the left hand menu.

  3. Finalize Registration

Officially register for classes by enrolling in the courses you've placed in your shopping cart. 

For additional help, see the Registration FAQs or contact the Center for Academic and Careers Success.