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  • The Busch School

    Should you get an MSB or an MBA degree?

    Are you considering a Master's degree? Learn all about the difference between an MSB and an MBA degree, and what would be the best fit for you.

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  • Artificial Intelligence is now used in job interviews

    Understanding AI interviews

    Artificial Intelligence in job interviews is the new tool being used by employers to determine if a candidate is the best fit for the position, and their company.

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  • professor in workroom

    Liberal Arts Degrees Open Doors

    Liberal Arts grads succeed in journalism, education, museum work, business, IT, law, politics, and even medicine.

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  • Student Catholic University

    Record Number of Accounting Seniors Landing Full-Time Job Offers

    Before the fall semester has even ended, more than 80 percent of Catholic University senior accounting majors have already received a job offer.  Learn more....

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  • Graduates on stage

    STEM Grads on the Path to Success

    Students often ask, “What do I want to do with my degree once I graduate” and “Once I find out, how do I get there from here”.

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  • People looking at laptop

    Are College Graduates Career Ready?

    Are College Graduates Career Ready? Are you “Career Ready”? Not so sure?

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  • Man and woman shaking hands

    8 Things to do After the Job Interview

    Everyone spends time preparing for the interview, but what about after it is over?  How you choose to follow up (or not) can have serious consequences.

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