In the Center for Academic and Career Success, you will work with professional advisors ready to provide you with dedicated individualized academic and career support that ensures optimal learning and engagement, and provides you with progressive planning support throughout your entire career at Catholic U.

As you begin your college career, you will face a number of questions and challenges. Starting with advice and directions for registering for classes for the first semester, to considering different academic and career pathways related to specific majors, to the topics specific to incoming transfer students, you will find the answers to the many kinds of questions that you have.

  • Registering for Classes

    Find advice on which classes to choose for your major; locate and learn how to use the Course Catalog; and learn how to successfully complete the registration procedure. Each of these important tasks is succinctly explained, with links and videos where helpful, to enable you to complete the registration process for your first semester from your home.

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  • First-Year Course Advice

    Find specific course advice guidance for each major offered by Catholic U.  Using the drop down menu, you can link to course advice and general guidance provided directly by each department.

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  • Elective Course Advice

    Review a short list of courses that are particularly well suited to incoming freshmen who are interested in exploring different majors and disciplines.

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  • Transfer Students

    Learn how to select the right courses for your major; learn how to use the Course Catalog and register for classes. Find links and resources for academic and career advising.

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  • Majors/Careers

    Access assessments to help you identify major/career interests.  Explore the undergraduate programs at Catholic U and learn more about specific career fields, industries and jobs.

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  • Jobs and Internships

    Identify work-study and on-campus opportunities as well as search for internships and jobs that are located locally, nationally and internationally.

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  • Outcomes and Success Stories

    View some interesting statistics, learn more about where Catholic University students interned, gained employment, and reported attending graduate school. 

    Read some student success stories and how they are working towards their success.

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