Interstride is a technology platform that assists students with finding job opportunities, immigration hurdles, community integration, and overall university engagement. Both domestic and international students can use Interstride. Interstride is for any undergraduate and graduate student interested in exploring employment opportunities in the U.S. or abroad. Interstride is especially useful for international students pursuing opportunities in the U.S.  Students can opt into the networking module to meet other domestic and international students and alumni worldwide. Go to Network and explore your network, direct message, and join or create new Topics. Students can chat with their network through direct messaging or make audio and video calls. Whether looking for job search advice or support from international alumni, you can find it all here from your network!

Create your profile on Interstride TODAY and make world-changing connections that can help you tap into exciting opportunities! If you have questions about Interstride, please email

 Video Guide for Interstride