Welcome to the Math Center!

The Math Center is the latest academic support development from The Center for Academic and Career Success and the Department of Mathematics. Working together, we've put together a dynamic learning center for anyone looking for extra help with math or math-based content. Drop by and work with our highly-trained tutors, Math Department faculty, and CACS staff.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 3-9pm
Swipe-in at the Welcome Desk, Second Floor
Mullen Library, Second Floor Corner Reading Room

Courses Covered

The Math Center provides support for ALL math and math-based courses, including statistics.

The courses below are directly supported by the MC, but remember that you can visit the MC for other math-based courses as well.

MATH 108 (Precalculus)
MATH 110 (Finite Mathematics for Business and Economics)
MATH 111 & 112 (Calculus I & II)
MATH 114 (Stats: See Stats Lab hours below)
MATH 121, 122, & 221 (Calculus and Analytic Geometry I, II, & III)
MATH 168 (Mathematics in the Modern World: See hours below)
MATH 175 (Mathematics in Politics: See hours below)
MATH 187 (Introduction to Mathematical Thought: See hours below)
ECON 223 (Statistics for Business and Economics: See hours below)
PSY 322 (Introductory Statistics: See hours below)
SOC 301 (Statistics and Analysis for Social Science I: See hours below)


Statistics Lab

For statistics-specific help (MATH 114), please visit at the following times: Fall 2020 schedule TBA.

Discipline-Specific Statistics Lab 

For help specifically with ECON 223, SOC 301, and PSY 322, please visit at the following times: Fall 2020 schedule TBA.

MATH 168, 175, & 187 Lab

For help specifically with MATH 168, 175, and 187, please visit at the following times: Fall 2020 schedule TBA.

Faculty Hours

Faculty are available in the Math Center Monday-Thursday 3-5pm

How can you benefit most from the Math Center?

1) Remember to come prepared: When you visit the MC, bring your course materials (i.e., your book, your syllabus, your problem set, etc.). We're here to help you, but this is a lot easier to do if you've been diligent about attending class, taking notes, and practicing your math work in your study time. You may not know why you're struggling with a concept or a problem, but our team can help you more quickly and effectively if you've already started trying to help yourself!

2) Get engaged with the group: The MC staff will often work through problems with student groups, and as with all of your studies, this process can be truly beneficial if you really try to involve yourself in the process... ask questions, learn from others, and be an active participant.

3) Make math and the Math Center part of your routine: Just like any new skillset, developing your math skills takes time, and taking too much time away from building your skills will make you rusty to be sure! So, visit the MC often and regularly, spend a few minutes each day reviewing your notes, refreshing yourself on concepts, and doing practice problems. In short, make doing your math work part of your routine. Not only will you be reinforcing the right study habits, but you'll also be building your math skills and training your brain to DO MATH on command.