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Undergraduate data was gathered on 73% of the May 2018 graduating class for six months after graduation. Results are based on a combination of University and departmental surveys and LinkedIn research (N=767).

What Catholic U Students Are Doing

92% of identified graduates are employed; attend graduate school; or are committed to an internship, long-term service, or religious life. 66% are employed, 16% attend graduate school, 5% are employed and attend graduate school, 5% are committed to internships, long-term service, or are a member of a religious community. Outcome information was gathered on 559 graduates.

Where Catholic U Students Are

What Catholic U Students Are Earning

12.8% of Catholic University graduates earn $30,000-$39,999, 20.3% earn $40,000-$49,999, 30.8% earn $50,000-$59,999, 22.6% earn $60,000-$69,999, 7.5% earn $70,000-$79,999, 3.8% earn $80,000-$89,000, 2.3% earn $90,000-$99,999. 67% of respondents are earning $50,000 or more. Salary data was gathered on 133 students indicating employment.

Where Catholic U Students Interned