Utilize the following resources to access information about supervisor responsibilities, student employment processes, and required trainings for both supervisors and students.

What is the 25% Office Match?

Departments are responsible for 25% of the total amount of money earned by work-study students, the remaining 75% is covered by federal funding. It is important that offices create a budget that reflects their ability to pay the 25%.

Example A (single student):
If your student earns $2000 your office is responsible for $500, and the remaining $1500 comes from work-study funds.

Example B (multiple students):
If your students end up earning a total of $10,000, your office is responsible for $2,500, and the remaining $7,500 is paid with work-study funds.

Work Study Training

All supervisors of work-study students are required to complete training each year.  This year's training is virtual/video. Please contact our office,  x6262 or email cua-workstudy@cua.edu, for assistance.


Student Employment Week

Each year, during Catholic U's Student Employment Week, we honor those students who excel as student employees.  One graduate student and one undergraduate student are chosen annually, based on their exceptional contributions to the office or department in which he or she works. Student employee nominations, are submitted by their supervisors, and are evaluated and ranked by a committee of readers on the following criteria: reliability, quality of work, initiative and creativity.  These awards are then presented during the Cardinal Leadership Celebration in April. See our latest awardees