(For undergraduate students earning their BSN) A nursing resume contains some unique features specific to your field. For basic guidelines, refer to the general resume section.

  • Objective

    In the interest of space, an objective is not necessary.

    For Example:

    Objective: To Obtain a student nurse internship position for the summer.

    • If you are submitting an application for this kind of position, why have an objective in the first place?
    • It's already understood.
  • Length

    1 Page: In a competitive job market, your resume receives a 20-30 second glance.

    • Employers do not have time to read more than 1 page.
  • Describing Your Experience

    Reverse Chronological Order.

    List your most recent experience first. From there, work your way backwards.

    Verb Tense

    • Present vs. Past
    • When describing a job or internship's responsibilities, and it is still occurring, use present tense.
    • If you completed the position, use past tense.

    Action Verbs, Not Complete Sentences or Paragraphs.

    • Omit personal pronouns (I, you, me, my, their, they're) and, "a", "an", and "the" to achieve a concise style that will be easier--and faster--for employers to read.

    Bulleted Statements

    • Although it takes up more space, it's quicker for the employer to read.

    Nursing Terminology

    • Emphasize skills learned, types of patients you interacted with, and tasks completed.
  • Nursing-Related Terminology

    Administer Medications (under supervision of RN) Assist Patients with using facilities Bathing Patients
    Blood Draw Blood Pressure Blood Transfusions
    Catheterizations Changing Bed Sheets/Bedpans Clinical Rotations
    Counseling Patients EKG Family Education
    Heart Monitor IV's Medical History
    Nutritional Assessment Patient Education Patient Exams
    Patient Transfers Physical Assessment Shadow Medical Staff
    Sterilization Techniques Sutures Therapeutic Communication
    Total Patient Care Vital Signs Wound Care