Brand New Initiative

The Catholic University of America and the Center for Academic and Career Success would like to announce the creation of a new graduate student worker program geared toward promoting short-term non-work-study or “micro" jobs. 
These micro-jobs are defined as short-term projects that allow graduate students to earn $1,000, which CACS (supported by the University) will pay 100%.
  • The minimum hourly rate for these positions will be $15/hr. However, an office can pay more if they wish.
  • Supervisors can hire more than one graduate student to work on the same project and the $1,000 University funding will apply to all of these students.
  • After the $1,000 has been earned, the office can terminate or transfer the student to their part-time payroll and be responsible for 100% of the student's pay.
  • These positions are to be treated the same as any student job and must follow all university rules regarding supervision.
  • Traditional non-work-study positions that are not micro-jobs (i.e., intended to last more than $1,000 in earnings) are not eligible for this program.
Supervisors interested in creating “micro” positions should complete the Google form for CACS review and approval.