Debra Egan

Academic and Career Advisor


I am from a family of educators and have worked with higher education throughout my career. To foster economic development and mutual understanding between people, I recruited candidates, administered grants and scholarships, and delivered career programming.

In not-for-profits, I managed education contracts funded by the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Agency for International Development, and foundations. I led diverse staff teams to implement international exchanges, including the worldwide Fulbright Scholar Program. Blessed to work with people from many cultures, I have conducted training, evaluations, and other projects in Turkey, Austria, Peru, Jordan, and 12 African countries.

At Georgetown University, I completed a B.S. Foreign Service in Development Economics and Certificate in African Studies. I also hold a Master of Education from Marymount University. Studying abroad in Kenya and Nigeria inspired my commitment to expand education opportunities for others.

It is a joy to facilitate as Catholic University students connect studies, passions, values, and careers.