The Writing Center has a number of resources available to faculty at Catholic University. This page provides a basic outline, but please don't hesitate to e-mail Dr. Taryn Okuma or Dr. Kevin Rulo with any questions you have about Writing Center services at We look forward to working with you in every way we can.

For Your Students

  • Putting information about the Writing Center on your syllabus is one of the best ways to introduce us to your students and make it easier for them to use our services. Please consider including the following statement about the center and its work in your syllabi: "CUA’s Writing Center is an excellent resource for any student. The Writing Center is committed to supporting the writing needs of students at all stages of the writing process. If, at any point in the semester, you feel that you are struggling to draft, revise, or properly reference sources in a writing assignment, make an appointment at; we also welcome walk-in appointments at the Writing Center, which is located in 219 Mullen Library."
  • The staff of the Writing Center actively support the work of all teachers within the Catholic University community. While the Writing Center focuses its work on the individual student, we encourage students to communicate with their instructors about their work with us.
  • We can provide confirmation of whether a student has kept an appointment. Just ask us in your referral or require your students to give you an Appointment Confirmation Form after their appointments. We also ask that you assign a deadline by which the appointment must be kept if you are requiring or offering extra credit for Writing Center services. 

Note about Dissertators and Thesis Writers:

The Writing Center can offer your advanced graduate students help with the written products of a thesis or dissertation, but we can also refer you to excellent resources to help your students through this complex, independent research. Please contact us directly for this kind of help.

For Your Teaching
For teaching ideas and advice, please also email Dr. Taryn Okuma or Dr. Kevin Rulo at We will be happy to meet with you to discuss writing-related issues from designing writing prompts to developing rubrics for evaluating student writing. We can also work with you to develop writing presentations or workshops for your students taught by Writing Center staff. 

For Your Writing
The Writing Center is available for all writers in the Catholic University community--and that includes faculty. While faculty are certainly very experienced writers, writing tasks for unusual audiences or in unfamiliar genres can make any writer uncertain. The extra pair of eyes--and unbiased reader--can help faculty work through those moments in their writing lives.

If you would like writing advice on a project, the best course of action is to contact Dr. Kevin Rulo by e-mail ( to ensure that you find the best, most specialized reader we can provide for you. Our staff members have varied backgrounds and expertise, and the Director will work with you to find the best possible match for your writing needs.