• What is the Writing Center?

    We provide free, one-on-one consultations for writing projects across all disciplines at any stage of the process. Our instructors believe that all writers, regardless of skill level, can benefit from discussing their writing with experienced readers.

  • What does the Writing Center offer?

    -Individual sessions with trained Writing Center instructors
    -Strategies for writing in any academic genres
    -Assistance for writers of all levels
    -Reference material such as dictionaries, thesauri and citation formats for APA, MLA, and Chicago style guides
    -Writing workshops, grammar clinics and tutoring, and outreach presentations
    -Teaching support and consulting for instructors and faculty

    The Writing Center does not offer discipline-specific tutoring services or help interpreting course material. If you are struggling in a class, please contact the Center for Academic Success for information about their small-group tutoring services. They provide support for Catholic University undergraduates with a special focus on freshmen and sophomores settling into major coursework and college life.

  • Who May Use the Writing Center?

    Writing Center services are available to currently registered part- or full-time Catholic University students, both undergraduate and graduate, studying any discipline. Students are encouraged to visit the Writing Center as writing concerns arise. Students also may be referred by instructors. To refer a student, please email the Director, Dr. Kevin Rulo.

  • How Do I Sign Up?

    You can schedule an appointment online here. For further questions about scheduling an appointment, please refer to our Appointments and Referrals page. You may schedule up to 120 minutes of meeting time per week in advance.

  • How Long Are Appointments?

    You can meet with a Writing Center Consultant for either 30 or 60 minutes at a time. For a 60 minute appointment, you will need to sign up for two back-to-back 30 minute appointments.  Appointments are forfeited if you are more than 10 minutes late.

  • What Should I Take to My Appointment?

    -The assignment sheet or other written instructions
    -When available, the course rubric and syllabus
    -A printed draft of the paper or any writing already done
    -Any specific questions or concerns you have about the assignment or your writing in general.

  • What Happens in a Writing Center Session?

    The instructor will ask you about your writing concerns and needs and then, using those as a guide, respond to your work as a trained and critical reader. The goal of a session is to work collaboratively with you not only to help you improve a particular paper, but also to help you improve your overall writing abilities.

  • Writing Center instructors will

    -Help students with "writer's block"
    -Listen and give feedback as students discover and explore new thoughts and ideas
    -Help students translate writing assignments into writing products
    -Help students understand teacher comments in a non-evaluative manner
    -Help writers identify areas for improvement in specific papers
    -Help writers identify areas for improvement in their overall writing style
    -Supervise writers as they revise their own work
    -Help writers develop strategies for progressive writing growth
    -Offer students advice and strategies to improve their proofreading and editing skills
    -Offer specific grammar instruction/tutoring in a one-on-one or small group setting

  • Writing Center instructors will not

    -Write any portion of a student paper
    -Make corrections for a student writer except by way of example
    -Offer tutorial help in understanding course subject matter
    -Evaluate a professor's assignment
    -Comment on what grade a paper deserves