In addition to the CUA Writing Center, outside resources can assist you in your development as a student writer and researcher. Below find some useful links to other Web sites, along with some helpful staff recommendations. (If you have a link or recommendation for us, please contact the Writing Center Director.)

Research Resources

  • CUA Libraries. Search the library catalogs, access online journals and databases, or get advice from a librarian online by starting at the homepage of the CUA libraries.
  • Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities. This site, organized by the University of Maryland, provides access to digital archives and research projects in many humanities disciplines.
  • The Library of Congress. The LOC is just a few metro stops from CUA, so check their online catalog and plan a research trip.
  • Project Gutenberg and Page by Page.
  • DiRT: Digital Research Tools. This wiki is designed by scholars for scholars, so it is especially valuable for grad students and advanced undergrads. It offers a host of links for advice in starting, completing and organizing research.
  • Citation Help. This cite, provided by Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), offers help with MLA, APA, and Chicago format, among others.

Writing Advice

  • Purdue University's Online Writing Lab. This Website is the standard for all online Writing Centers. It is filled with advice, tutorials, study material, workshops, and much more. If you need immediate writing advice we don't offer here, search Purdue's OWL and you will find great help.
  • The Elements of Style. Are you wordy? Is your style unnatural? Use this link to develop a graceful, natural style of writing.
  • Rhetorical Devices. Want your writing to soar to the heights of Cicero or Quintilian? Use this link to incorporate figures of speech into your prose.
  • Glossary of Literary Terms. Having trouble differentiating between a metaphor and a simile? This site provides a handy list of recurring terms.
  • Webgrammar. Are you having trouble with comma usage? Do you know how to use a semicolon correctly? This site provides free tips on all areas of grammar.
  • Common Errors in English Usage. What's the difference between anxious and eager? Is it best to use a phrase such as "due to the fact that?" This comprehensive site by a long-time English professor will amaze you with its level of detail.
  • Garbl's Writing Center. This Web site, created by a working professional writer, provides useful information about all areas of writing but is especially helpful with common editing issues.

Other Catholic University Services

  • The Office of Disability Support Services provides advice and coordinates assistance for students with a variety of disabilities.
  • The Counseling Center offers a number of useful services including free personal counseling.
  • The Center for Academic Success offers support for undergraduate students seeking the right major, free academic skills workshops and a fee-based, small-group subject tutoring for classes in various disciplines.
  • Career Services can provide advice for job seekers--including advice on resumes and cover letters.
  • Computer labs exist around campus, though the Writing Center is not a computing facility. This link will help you locate a lab and print your work--before your appointment or for class.