The Catholic University Writing Center’s Online Services provide a way for online students to receive feedback on their writing. Please note that these services are available to online students only.

Please read the following information before submitting your paper:
In the online tutoring process, the student submits a paper to the Writing Center to be reviewed by a tutor. The tutor will read the paper and provide feedback with a short write-up of their findings (the front comment form) as well as comments on the paper itself.

At the Writing Center, our goal is to help you identify ways that your writing can be improved as a whole. To this end, feedback on your paper will typically focus on two key areas for improvement. These suggestions can range from higher order concerns, such as organizational strategies, all the way down to sentence level improvements, such as avoiding passive voice. The front comment form will provide an overview of these areas while comments on the paper will point to specific examples within your own writing. These comments should not be considered an exhaustive list of areas for revision, but rather a guide to help you identify changes that you can apply to your writing style. Follow-up appointments can expand upon previous areas of concern or look for new methods to improve your writing. We believe that this format most closely achieves our goal to make better writers, not just better papers.

To submit a paper for review, please fill out our intake form. In the areas for improvement, please consider our “two areas” approach. Providing detailed information will help the tutor tailor the appointment to your needs. Additionally, if your paper is longer than twenty pages (excluding title pages or works cited pages), please indicate which twenty page section you would like the tutor to examine.

After filling out the intake form, please submit your paper (as a Google Doc) to The online coordinator will schedule you for an appointment within 36 business hours and let you know when you should receive your feedback.